So, I just finished a 6 week  acting intensive workshop with a very prominent casting director, Chadwick Struck, out here in LA.  It is still amazing to me how important it is for actors to keep up with their training!  There is all ways something to learn.  My favorite saying is:

” You don’t know WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW.”

As an athlete, figure skater, boxer, gymnast.. whatever, to keep your skill level you must practice.  So actors must keep up with their training and practice too.  Anyway, Chadwick gave some very helpful tips specifically relating to film and television technique.  He encouraged actors in the class to take risks and explore creating strong characters.  And how to give a powerful performance for the camera.  He shared that casting directors are often looking for actors to bring something different to the table especially at the audition, and to be prepared with different choices for your character.

I really enjoyed Chadwick’s teaching style and warmth. He reminded the actors that casting directors experience much of the same pressures actors deal with, such as dealing with difficult personalities, deadlines, budget constraints, differences of opinions, and rejection.  I would recommend this class to any actor who already has some basic acting training and is looking to further their film & television performance skills.  5 stars!

Chadwick Struck Acting Class: 5 Stars!